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One Touch Property Investment

Property Sourcing

The two directors of this business have been successful in sourcing £ 21 million pounds worth of BMV property for investors with a property investment of £ 1.6 million thereby creating instant equity of £ 3.7 million for their investors.

The synergy of combining their respective skill set will continue to drive the business forward by providing excellent property investment opportunities and a high level of customer service that will make your experience worth cherishing.  


You make money from the properties when you purchase. We scour the local market to establish fair value for each property sourcing exercise. As residential property consultants we do our best to ensure that having full knowledge of recent sales and realistic rental values protects you. We contact local letting agents to find out which property types are in demand and seek other opportunities to maximise returns e.g. through renting on a multi-let basis, doing a conversion etc. 

Negotiation (Property Source)

Our previous experience in the investment property market has provided us with the skills and experience in negotiating a fair deal on a win-win outcome. The property sourcing we focus on is existing properties where the vendor requires a quick sale. We are conscious that some sellers may be experiencing financial difficulties; we are not out to take advantage of them, instead, we help them to sell their home at an attractive price to both them and the buyer, that gives them the freedom to make a fresh start.


We have a team of brokers and conveyance solicitors who are specialists at executing the work in time so that your experience in sourcing properties will be hassle free. In the current market, mortgages are changing on a weekly basis, it is more important than ever to act swiftly and provide open communication at each stage.

We offer an investment property from locations throughout the U.K. The property we source is at least 25% below market value. The BMV properties sourced from the North West of England are guaranteed 25% below the YOUR surveyors valuation. That means, no matter what the valuations comes back at, you will get 25% discount. Thereby completing on more deals instead of empty promises.

The current 80% mortgages available means that NO Money Down property deals are

being completed for those who qualify.

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